About The Pilot


Achieve global climate and food security goals through sustainable agricultural productivity growth.
Invest in America’s farmers and build markets for climate-smart commodities to strengthen rural and agricultural communities.
Measure, quantify, and promote the carbon and greenhouse gas benefits resulting from climate-smart practices.


Climate-smart programs must be economically viable for producers

Currently, only 3% of producers are participating in voluntary carbon markets.

Sustainable agricultural productivity growth is critical in achieving global climate goals

Increasing agricultural productivity is critically important to achieving climate goals and global food security, yet a focus on productivity is often absent from climate-smart agricultural programs.

Climate-smart programs typically fail to work for underserved producers

This Alliance works for producers of all sizes and types.

The private sector lacks a climate-smart certificate that addresses supply chain barriers

Current market criteria for demonstrating the environmental benefits of climate-smart practices often prevents early adopter participation.

Guidance is needed on how to support producers to effectively use COMET-Planner

The Carbon Management Evaluation Tool (COMET) is an evaluation tool designed to provide the estimated greenhouse gas impacts of conservation practices, without extensive on-site sampling.

Livestock producers are not incentivized to adopt practices that deliver ecosystem services

To account for these challenges, this Alliance will establish a payment system for animal feeding operations in Minnesota and Virginia that provides incentives to reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions from swine, dairy, poultry, and beef operations.